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The name Óros etymologically indicates the sacred mountain. The territory in which the cooperative intends to operate is in fact characterized by many mystical places that have marked the history of Casentino in general, and the National Park of the Casentino Forests in particular: from the “Monte Sacro” of La Verna where Saint Francis received the stigmata, the Mount Falterona with the Lake of the Etruscan Idols, whose mystery still today arouses suggestion and interest to the visitor, to the Hermitage of Camaldoli also arose on a mountain as a place of prayer, reflection and welcome.

The Cooperative OROS since 2001 is present in Casentino with services and activities aimed at enhance the great natural and cultural heritage of this area, establishing collaborations with both public and private subjects and relying on highly format and specialized.

Our cooperative’s activities include:

  • management of cultural facilities (Castello di Romena, Castello di Poppi and Archaeological Museum of Casentino)
  • management of information facilities (infopoint of the National Park of the Casentino Forests, the Planetarium of the Park, Bibbiena and Pratovecchio-Stia infopoints)
  • organization of educational projects with local schools
  • organization of summer camp services in agreement with local authorities
  • organization of nature excursions and guided tours
  • management of the Casentino Tourist Area with territorial promotion activities



Via Archiano, 18 – 52010 Badia Prataglia (AR)

+39 0575 503029

WhatsApp: +39 370 1579443


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