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Guided tours of La Campana d’Oro Brewery

Our mission: To cultivate Malting Barley in our fields, and then turn it into premium beer.

Our laboratory: Here we brew beer according to exclusive recipes, all related to the territory they come from. Light, Amber, Weiss and Dark are the types of beer we have chosen.

Sharing our project with you will be our pleasure.

We propose our ideas, and you can choose or combine them according to your liking.


Our ideas:



Price: 5,00€ per person, Length: min. 30 minutes, max. 40 minutes, Max. 15 pers. per visit + beer tasting.

The price includes the kit to enter the laboratory (shoe-saver).

Animals are not allowed inside the laboratory, but are welcome outside.


Tasting of 3 20cl beers or 1 50cl beer + visit to the laboratory

Buffet lunch outdoors or indoors

(Mixed hors d’oeuvres, crostini, mixed pizza samples) …………..€ 18,00 per person, Min. 6 people.



A deposit is required upon confirmation (to be agreed upon) and the balance must be paid no later than the day of the visit.


Azienda agricola La Campana D’Oro di parri matteo

Localita’ Pianacci n. 23

+39 3487325577

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