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1/2 kilo of hard bread1/2 kilo of onionssalt
1/2 kilo of tomatoes3 sausageschili pepper
Grated pecorino cheeseoil 

This is a traditional poor man’s dish, based on hard bread, and because of its absolute simplicity, was the favourite of transhumant shepherds and woodcutters or ”bigonai”.



Put oil and coarsely chopped onions to brown in the pan. When the onions are well browned, add the tomatoes, chilli pepper, salt and the cooked sausages, peeled and sliced. Leave everything to gain flavour, and, at the end, add a few ladles of stock. In a pan, not very high, put the bread cut into thin slices and sprinkle abundant grated pecorino on top. Pour the contents of the pan over the bread, and place in a very hot oven for a quarter of an hour.

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