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Carbonaio (Charcoal-burner) Ecomuseum

The Carbonaio Ecomuseum in Cetica preserves the memory of an activity linked to the resources of the wood. Cutting wood and cooking coal were important occupations for the valley’s mountain communities until the middle of the 20th century.

In the Ecomuseum, the special techniques of the charcoal burner’s trade, handed down from generation to generation, are put into practice for educational and demonstrative purposes, while the culture and ways of life associated with it have unfortunately been lost with the advance of technological progress.

The Casa dei Sapori (House of Flavours) is also part of the ecomuseum, where the local food products (in particular the Cetica red potato) are illustrated, and where educational workshops and tastings can be held.

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Cetica – Loc. La Chiesa Castel San Niccolò (Arezzo)

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PRO LOCO I TRE CONFINI +39 0575 555280 – +39 328 7252458 – +39 347 1980098.


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