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Experience nature without limits and enjoy a holiday in the silence of the Casentino Forests. Find balance and peace surrounded by nature.


A path for all… the senses: a path for Sonia

In the forest of Badia Prataglia (Ar), in the heart of the Casentino Forests National Park, you will find a 300m route suitable for everyone, designed following the theme of the relationship between man and forest over the centuries.

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A path for all… the senses

In the Forest of Campigna (FC) you will discover that trunks, sounds and rocks are indispensable to discover the richness of the nature of these places. Close your eyes and let yourself be led in the exploration of the forest and its riches.

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Trees touching the sky

Departure from the town of Campigna (Fc), completely flat, white-bottomed and closed to the transit of motorized vehicles, it allows you to travel about 10 km (round-trip), in an extraordinary place from a naturalistic and biodiversity point of view, for the presence of many plant species. In the first three kilometers there are panels that illustrate, the surrounding environment.

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9 paths to discover the Park following easy trails, the illustrative boards will accompany you on this journey immersed in the forest. Anyone can discover the territory and its natural beauty.

Acquacheta The valley and Dante’s waterfall

La Verna Natura, history, spirituality

Badia Prataglia The Beech forest

Camaldoli Trees and woods

Campigna The silver fir and fir wood

Chestnut of Andrea The Chestnut Civilisation

Fiumicello The Mengozzi mill and the traces of man

Ridracoli A valley, a lake, a centuries-old history

Lago di Ponte Nature and the shapes of the territory

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Remember that pnfc trekking mapp is also available, an App to “navigate” the park’s trails even offline; and a web map, available at the


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