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The archaeological site of Masseto is located near Ama, in the municipality of Pratovecchio Stia. The site was excavated between 1985 and 2001, revealing four buildings from different periods. They are the remains of a settlement, and the only Etruscan chamber tomb discovered in Casentino thus far.

Only the lower walls of the first one-room structure remain, while the second one has at least four rooms and a large surface. The finds include remains of kitchen and tableware, artefacts for food preparation and tools for spinning and weaving.

The third building, adjacent to the second, of which it was probably originally one of the rooms, has yielded finds from the 15th and 16th centuries, demonstrating that the site was inhabited until relatively recent time. Finally, we find the fourth building: a Renaissance furnace, probably built on a previous Etruscan chamber tomb.


The finds from Masseto are kept, together with many other archaeological finds from the valley, in the Casentino Archaeological Museum ‘Piero Albertoni’ in Bibbiena.


Masseto is a real archaeological gem, maybe not as well-known as the sites of Socana or Lago degli Idoli (Lake of Idols), but just as interesting and easy to access.

Thanks to the project “Casentino, la Valle Sacra degli Etruschi” (Casentino, the Sacred Valley of the Etruscans), promoted by the municipalities of the Casentino region, Masseto has enjoyed a process of enhancement and has become the destination of guided tours and excursions during the days dedicated to the ‘Etruscan Celebrations’ (August-September).

Moreover, a growing number of visitors and enthusiasts decide to combine nature and culture, making an excursion to Masseto a perfect opportunity.


Loc. Ama Pratovecchio Stia (Arezzo)

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